The solution

Who are we?

inveus trading is a family-owned and run company, investing its own capital in the foreign exchange market since 2008. FX is the largest financial market worldwide.

The founders and partners of inveus trading have children. So does their circle of family and friends. Since 2015, inveus has been offering a Family & Friends Strategy, a very profitable, fully automatic trading system, so they can save for all of the children and step-children.

Hang on - fully automatic?

Yes! inveus lets its forex broker JFD Brokers trade three main currencies with an Expert Advisor: the Euro, US Dollar and Japanese Yen.

An Expert Advisor is a financial software that enables foreign currencies to be traded automatically without a floor trader ever having to decide what to buy or sell.


FX:PATEA. The 'cool' solution by inveus

The Expert Advisor inveus uses is called FX:PATEA. It trades 5 days a week, 24 hours a day in our Master Account with a starting capital of EUR 3,000. JFD Brokers offers a copy Service for the Master Account.

So, whenever the FX:PATEA makes a profit in the Master Account, it is automatically booked into all of inveus' subscribers' accounts.

This means: JFD copies our success to your account!

If you open a forex account for your kids and put in the starting capital of EUR 3.000, JFD can link our Master Account to your Kids Account. The link triggers our FX:PATEA to automatically copy all trading profits into your account - around the clock.

How safe is my money?

The stock market is hit worldwide every day by events that can cause unexpectedly high and risky fluctuations!

These events are base rate decisions, elections, important financial news, or speeches by high-ranking business people and politicians. 

Trust is good...

Control is better!

inveus has integrated very effective safety mechanisms in FX:PATEA that detect unexpectedly high fluctuations and protect the account around the clock from crashing.

The foreign exchange professionals of inveus watch the financial market like hawks. If an event is expected to cause high fluctuations, they will partially or completely deactivate FX:PATEA to protect their own capital and that of their family, friends and the many subscribers.


What can I lose?

Our FX:PATEA is programmed in such a way that you will never lose more than 25% of your starting capital. In this case, the trading system is automatically deactivated and operations suspended. In the worst case scenario, you will only lose EUR 750 of your EUR 3,000 starting capital. Your account would then be liquidated.



Performance is the best advertising!

Before reading our offer and learning how you can help your children benefit from our FX:PATEA, you should take a look at our performance.

You'll be surprised by what our cool trading robot can do for your children until they turn 18.

And if you want, even longer!