The problem

A German study commissioned by Postbank shows that about one in three savers regularly puts money aside for their children, grand-children or god-children. Of these savings, almost 98% go into

savings accounts, building loan contracts, life insurances, and of course, the good old piggy bank.

With today's interest rates, those kids won't have a lot of savings when they turn 18...

Playing the stock market? No, thanks!

The study also showed that parents, family and friends avoid stock market speculation like the plague.

Children already, and most certainly their parents, know that you can make a lot of money speculating on the stock market but that you can also lose it all again just as quickly. Why? Because private investors have no chance against the "Big Boys"!


And the solution?

What if there were a solution that enables our children to benefit from the success of professional investors sooner rather than later and over the long term?

Preferably without mom and dad, family and friends having to look after things. And without having to entrust their money to anyone and still be able to access it anywhere any time.

What would our children say about such a solution?


We may not have THE solution. But we do have a really COOL solution!