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From christening to driving licence...

Supported by our partner JFD Brokers, we are offering you the opportunity in just 2 steps to invest for the long-term in your children and achieve attractive returns. For as long as you want!

Step 1

Together, we will open your own Kids Account with our partner JFD Brokers. JFD also handles our Master Account, which copies all forex trading by our FX:PATEA into our subscribers' accounts.


Step 2

When your Kids Account has been successfully opened and capitalized, JFD will link it to our Master Account. This ensures that all the profit in forex trading we do with FX:PATEA is always copied into your new Kids Account.


How much does kidsVESTOR cost?

Opening the Kids Account and installing our FX:PATEA doesn't cost a thing. You also get a free four-week trial period to see if it really works.

If you would like to continue using our service after the trial period, you will be charged a monthly fee of just EUR 30 per kids account. Completely independent of the profit. The service fee will be adapted to the growing profit, but it will never be more than 50,- euros.

Fair and transparent!

After the free trial period, you will transfer the monthly service fee by standing order or from your PayPal account, if applicable.

If we do not receive the service fee by the 5th day of each month, we will deactivate FX:PATEA in your Kids Account. That simple!

The agreement

When it comes to financial transactions, the fine print is often very fine. Not at inveus! You can download the contractual agreement for our offer as PDF here

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

From our first contact to activating our FX:PATEA for your children, we will accompany you every step of the way

To open the kids account, our support team will share a screen with you in order to comply with data protection laws and ensure everything runs smoothly. Hopefully we will also be able to answer all of your questions. Your new Kids Account should be open and operational within 48 hours.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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