Kids & Investment

How does this actually work? Simple:

Children are always a good investment because they are our future!

And so that they can shape their own future not only well but really great, parents, family and friends should start investing in children at an early age. And not just sometimes,

but regularly!

kidsVESTOR Video. The concept.

Briefly explained by the families Smith and Jones.

Christening, Birthdays, Easter, Christmas, Confirmation...

The amount of money you can build up over the years can be quite substantial. Grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles as well as dad's and mom's best friends are usually quite generous towards children aged 0 to 18! But: A lot of parents don't think about saving regularly for their children.

Whether and how much money is saved is documented by studies. The conclusion is sobering! But the problem is known. And known problems can be solved. With kidsVESTOR, we are offering you a 'cool' solution and an innovative offer.

Let's get started!